Wednesday, 28 July 2010

WOYWW - a confession

Firstly, thank you to everyone for all the lovely welcomes and comments last week.

Now I have a confession to make and it's the reason I haven't joined in with WOYWW before:
"My name is Lou and I am a tidy scrapper"
there I said it!

This is what my workdesk normally looks like:
I can't help it, honestly it's an illness!

Anyway, now I have confessed, I thought I'd share some pics of the rest of my room as it's newly decorated and I LOVE it! *WARNING - PIC OVERLOAD COMING UP*!

My room is what estate agents would call "bijou" i.e. tiny, but it suits me fine as everything is within reach!
Just inside the door is a tall DVD unit with die cutting at the bottom
and stamps at the top (in A5 folders)
Then on the wall above my desk I have these cute shelves with buttons, mists, stickles etc
Then above that these cute ikea units with stuff I don't use quite as often
Every inch of space is used - even the windowsill which houses my ribbons and my cricut expression
Under the desk hides my bin *must buy a pink one* and my ickle fridge
Then to the right of my desk a 4x2 expedit with minibooks, alterables etc at the top (boring stuff at the bottom so haven't shown it!) and my DVD player sits on top
The wall behind my desk has 2 big expedit units on their side on top of each other, along the top is my "gallery" *cue cheesy Tony Hart music*
The top row houses my tools; sewing machine, bigshot, BIA etc
Next row down is sewing stuff, laminator and heat tool then buckets with adhesives etc. Under that are my alphas, stickers, chipboard etc
These trays hold my kits and scraps and the pink rack holds 8x8 and 6x6 pads
Papers are stored by manufacturer, with bazzill below and my trimmers etc

Then the bottom row (no pic) has my completed albums mini books etc.

Apologies for the lengthy post, but I hope you've enjoyed the tour!

Lou xx


Helen said...

Boy, can you pack a lot in a tiny space! How fabulously organised your room is, I love it - especially the colour of the walls!! Thank you for sharing.

Sheila said...

Your space is awesome and clean! Please help me sort and clean my small space! I am so jealous. ;)

Lizzybobs said...

OMW what a fantastic space you have with such a lot af fab stash -thanks for sharing your amazing space with us - lv a very GREEN Liz

Linda Elbourne said...

Ok ... I know I wear the whole untidy desk thing like a badge of honour but secretly I wish I was like you ... what a fabulous space ... and so well organised!

Heather x said...

Great workspace hun :0)
If you store your mica sprays on their side you will find it takes less shakes to mix the mica :0)
*hugs* Heather x

joey said...

Hi Lou

I need you round mine as soon as lol, I love your workspace, gorgeous colours and gorgeous furnishings, love all the artwork too


jude said...

Welcome to WOYWW !Wow ive just fallen in love with your craftroom.And the neatness,tidy,and all so perfectly stored .Please feel free to pop over and clean mine and arrange in any order you please.I will supply coffee and chocolate now theres an
gosh you have made me think how organised and neat i could
thanks for inspiring me to get off my butt and do some organising!
hugs judex

Sue said...

Hi Lou
wow what a fabulous craftroom, luv the colour, lots of lovely tidy storage & goodies, luv your space, have great day, sue,x

kath said...

hi lou thanks for sharing your gorgeous crafty space and it's nice to meet another tidy crafter...hugs kath xxx

Carmen said...

It's like looking at one of those crafting showrooms that you see on the famous designers blogs and in magazines. Simply beautiful and no matter how small - I'm jealous of your own private space to craft. And a fridge too - I'd never come out!

P.s I loved Tony Hart :D

Spyder said...

Oh my goodness your room is fantastic....soooo tidy!!! please come to mine and tidy it up!!! Do you craft in there??? My whole bungalow at this moment is like a bomb has dropped....just for making three things!! Tesco jars for your ribbons? I have some, and they've raised the price from £1 to £1.75 in my local store...I thnk they've cottoned on why they are selling so many!!
Have a great WOYWW!

Wipso said...

I'm an organised and tidy crafter and I really love your space. Get the kettle on cos I'm on my way round :-)
A x

Tracey said...

WOW! I lurrrvvvveeee your room, please can we swap, I want all your storage, love it.
Welcome to WOYWW too.

Sandra said...

WOW - that is one lovely, tidy workspace. I love it. Very inspiring . . . I'm thinking IKEA Shelving units now!

Cath said...

What a great room, can you come and sort mine out please....


Violets Corner said...

Fab craft room! Love all the storage you got, you are so well organised with everything in reach. That's the good part of small spaces. Mine is also small :)


Leo said...

WOW Lou your room is awesome! Sooo jealous!!!! :P

Phree said...

Wow, what a fabulous craft room. You have packed an amazing amount of stuff into it. I wish I could keep mine as neat but I just don't seem to have it in me to be tidy.

Neet said...

Wow - what a gorgeous room - and so tidy. Is it like that when you ae crafting?

Darcy said...

Ohhhhhh Emmmmmm Geeeeee!

*swoon* I love your room!

Serendipity (Christine) said...

Wow wow wow - such a heavenly room - I love it - so organised and pink! :-)

angeleef said...

Oh wow! Finally someone who is even more neat than me! I love that you have everything standing there in neat rows. And those shelves look so unique and colourfull! This is one tour to remember (and why do I suddenly feel a greet need to go to Ikea? :D)
Thanks for the very lovely (late) snoop.
Have a nice day!
** Evi **

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Amazing, no wonder you love it....I love it too!!


Rosie said...

LOVED it! Thanks for the tour, and I'm another tidy crafter so I really appreciated it, in fact you made me feel messy! Loved all the pink bits too as I have those as well!

Angie said...

Yep ...that is tidy your space well organized. How abour taking a shot while you are crafting ...before you have to tidy xx

Julia Dunnit said...

LOVED the tour, love your space and am so sorry that you've been put off joining WOYWW earlier because you're tidy! It's not an illness Lou - it's an incredible skill. Gorgeous room - it would be a constant inspiration to me.

Serendipity Stamping said...

It looks like you have made great use of a tiny space. I salute you.

Chrissie said...

Wow, look at all that organisation!It looks totally fabulous. I would never have thought of using those Expedit units on their sides. Brilliant!
I was wondering about those myself... I may just have to keep thinking though!

Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

Oh if only I were that organised - need to work on my storage!

Kalyber said...

OMG what a fantastic room and stash, and I would consider being compulsively clean a gift not an illness. Congrats on your new position with PPA.

Marta Pardo said...

I like your space and your materials ;)!!It's great!!See you!!
If you want you can visit my blog:
Best wishes from Girona (Spain).