Saturday, 24 July 2010

Create 10 - Project#6

For project 6 we had the option of doing a wall hanging made from picture frames or a layout featuring machine stitching.
I opted for the layout as 1) I had no frames and also my craft room is getting a bit full of decorative stuff! and 2) I've never used machine stitching on a layout before so thought I'd give it a go.
Leo's example layout consisted of a large circle made up of small paper circles which was stitched over, but as I was doing a Disney layout (and just to make things difficult for myself!) I decided to make a Mickey mouse head shape!

I first stitched a square of paper to my base card with zig zag stitch, that was fine as it was straight lines!
Then I made a mickey template using a large circle and 2 smaller ones, drew round it onto my layout, positioned my small circles, then drew round it again with pencil and went over it with machine stitching to define the shape.
As you can see it went a wee bit wrong here - curved lines not so easy! lol so mickey has a bit of a pointy ear, but not bad for a first attempt

Lou xx


Minty Magic said...

I love this! I can never get machine stitching to work! I don't really know my way round a sewing machine - that's the problem!

Bethank said...

Lovely Lo love the Mickey mouse head. Never thought of changing the shape.

Amanda said...

That's a great take on the layout to suit your theme, very creative.