Friday, 24 October 2008

Di's latest Sketches

Been ages since I blogged again as stooopid BT have been buggering about with our phone line! Luckily it's all been fixed now though.

Here's my take on this week's sketch from Di, which you can find here. I really loved this one, it just came together really easily!

And here's last week's sketch:

Yet another Christmas card, which I've taken a break from this week as I'm getting sick of them! I've made about 75 so far, which sounds like a lot, but my Mum wants 100, Ash needs them for work, I need to make my own for family etc. - and I may be doing a Christmas craft fair too! Glutton for punishment!

Will be back tomorrow to share a couple of layouts I've done this week!

Lou xx

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