Thursday, 30 August 2007


I'm playing catch up again! had a horrendous couple of days - but I'm back so here goes

Today's prompt is Dish - A shallow bowl or radio antenna. Find 'dish' in your space.

My first thought was Sky dish, but as it's on the front of the house I thought I'd get too many strange looks from the neighbours - so here is Todd's water "dish" it's really a cat dish (hence the Garfield) but he doesn't need to know that!

Yesterday's prompt was Cloud - A mass of water vapour. Show us 'cloud' in your space today.

We actually had some nice weather yesterday, yet fortunately there were still some clouds! I did take this yesterday - just didn't get round to uploading!


Charli said...

Loving the cloud pic from yesterday Looby and that bit about the bowl being for a cat made me chuckle x

Hazel said...

I bet he knows it's a cat's dish really - as long as it has his food in it ... Great photo - and the clouds.

Aubrey Harns said...

So cute - my sister loves Garfield. Your cloud shot is terrific too.

mil lunares said...

what a col dish! Yeah, Garfield rocks!

Diana said...

Great photo of the garfield dish!

Rachael said...

Really cute dish I love Garfield. :)