Thursday, 16 August 2007


I seem to be doing HS:MS every other day at the minute and double posting! You'll have to excuse the naffness of these pics, unfortunately it's REALLY grey and dreary here today.

Anyway today's prompt is Chop - To cut into small pieces. Find chop in your space.

So these is my funky coloured knife block from Ikea, which sits on the side in my kitchen (and Ash always puts the knives back in the wrong holes when he empties the dishwasher!)

Yesterday's prompt was Window - An opening in the wall, filled with glass. Show us a window in your space today.

This is the window in front of my desk in my crafty shed, so this is the lovely view I have when I create - my pond ( I try to ignore OH's messy shed in the background!)


Sue Nicholson said...

Great knife block . . .lol about knives going back in to the wrong holes :)]

The window is lovely. What are those colourful bits at the bottom left?

We have a messy shed too but from my craft room I overlook DS basketball net :(

Diana said...

Oh I like your pics loobY great knives and what a lovely window,

Lin (Briar Patch) said...

Love the colourful handles. I keep meaning to get to IKEA but our nearest one is miles away.

Love your window too, real wood - hurrah, I'm so fed up with looking at my plastic ones, lol!

Lin XX

MaaikeV said...

I like IKEA
nice picture

Terrie said...

Such a pretty window and view and i love the colour of the knives

SuzyB said...

Very funky knife block indeed, very cheery x

Vanda said...

Wow, coloured knives, how cool are they :O) Love your window photo ~ gorgeous xXx

Anonymous said...

Fab photos... lovely and colourful knives and the window pic is a great shot :)

Eleanor said...

Fabby knife block, and at least he empties the dishwasher, they think it empties itself in this house.

Rachael said...

The window is beautiful and I love the funky knives.