Sunday, 12 April 2009

MISI purchases!

Just thought I would share my latest MISI buys with you!

First up, I got this fab little bag from BaggyTs - it's made from kid's dungarees! They have some fab bags, and check out their funky wristwarmers too!

The badges on the bag are from Cute Designs and boy does that shop live up to it's name - full of cuteness!

I also treated myself to these fab little earrings from Sprinklessparkles - and a real bargain at £1.50 for BOTH pairs!!

And last, but certainly not least, I bought this little guy from The Pink Fairy Cake last night - can't wait for him to arrive! Make sure you check out her shop - so many different items, and the candles look good enough to eat!
Have some more cards to add to my shop later, I've been so fortunate to have lots of sales on MISI - 88 to date (although some of those are destash sales!) that I've decided once I get to 100, I'm going to have a little celebration, with some special offers - so watch this space!
Lou xx


Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Gorgeous Buys you have there.
Well done, excellent choices ~ adore that teddy!

hennie said...

Well done Lou, You got some real beauties there.

Zoe said...

oh lovely buys, I love the bag. GREAT BLOGGING as always

Magic Making Hands said...

oooohhh - I'm more than a little jealous, especially about that teddy. What a cutie!!

Monica said...

Ooh love the teddy and love the pink fairy too! She did some little cute shoes for my daughter due to arrive in June! Can't wait to get them!