Thursday, 5 February 2009

This is where it all happens.......

There's been some discussion on the MISI forum today about where we all do our respective crafting, so I thought I'd share some pictures of my room!

You have to excuse the bare floorboards and peeling wallpaper - it's not pretty, but it's functional!

You'll also have to excuse the fact that there are a lot of pics - the room is so small, I had to take several to get everything in!
This is the view from the door:
My bookcase with sewing machine and cross stitch stuff on top, then cards, bits to decorate, posting supplies etc.

Top of my unit - My Big shot, draws containing random stuff! Pens, paints etc.

Bottom of my shelves - alphabets (lots of thickers!) Chipboard and journalling, then stamps, then 12 x12 cardstock and paper, then my albums on the bottom.

My Clip it up, on top of a drawer unit my Dad rescued for me from work!

My desk (well it's really a dining table!) and my wall shelves with cricut cartridges and embellishments.

And my favourite bit! Jars of ribbon and spice racks full of buttons!


Magic Making Hands said...

oohhh .... those jars on the window ledge look lovely, that's what I want for my buttons!

tazbride said...

My goodness , I cant believe how tidy it is . The reason I have my own space is so that I can have organised chaos. I hope I spelt that right .

Madam Salami said...

Oh my goodness you are so super organised!! Everything looks so nice and neat I'd be scared to touch it. I bet you put everything away when you're finished to don't you?! lol
I have similar jars for all my buttons and threads and ribbons, but you can barely get in my room for fabric!