Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I'm back!!

OK, so a little later than planned, but I'm back and I'll be making a definite effort to post more often!

So, back to the tagging. 7 (semi) interesting facts about me:

1. I once appeared on Blue Peter (and yes I do have the badge to prove it!)

2. My favourite place in the world is Orlando, Florida

3. I am completely obssessed with accessories - I've got over 100 handbags, 40 odd purses and 80 odd pairs of shoes!!

4. I love boot fairs, charity shops and jumble sales (where most of the above come from!)

5. I collect anything to do with Eeyore and have over 500 items!

6. I also love Hello Kitty and have Hello Kitty steering wheel cover, seat covers and other bits in my car!

7. I am obssessively tidy!

So there's an insight into my bizarre little world!

Now, who to tag - not sure I know 7 people, but here goes! I tag Denny Charli Ruth and I can't think of anyone else at the mo!! Will add some more later


Charli said...

Hiya love - ive been tagged twice last week - i dont know if - in fact Im pretty sure I havent got anything left worth saying lol, ill try to come up with seven new and improved facts about me though lol

Beverley Todd said...

Thanks for the bizzarre insight into your world Looby! & thanks for playing along!