Monday, 29 October 2007


Today's prompt is Window: Choose your favourite window in your house. Show the whole window, the curtains and window decoration.

Not the best picture today I'm afraid (as I've just taken it and it's very dark!)

Now, this is not so much window as windows, and lots of them! and believe you me cleaning them is no fun - still haven't convinced the window cleaner to do the insides for me! As you can tell, this is one part of the house we haven't decorated yet (don't get me started on those curtains!!)


Bobs said...

I was going to say, they're gorgeous, but must be a nightmare to clean!!

Bambi said...

cleaning windows? what's that? lol ... nice pic (^_^)

Marina said...

Gosh that is a lot of small windows, bake window cleaner a cake next time and you never no it might work hahaha :~) xx

Anonymous said...

Wow now that's what I call windows!!
Really don't envy you the cleaning but they do look nice :D

Hazel said...

Wow! what splendid windows!