Saturday, 26 January 2008

Thank goodness for crop-a-diles!!

This is the project I mentioned yesterday - I have never done a LO that took so long! LOL

It was my turn to set the challenge over on the Crop til you drop blog this week (link to the side) and it's all about eyelets!

So, I went for eyelet overboard, but you know what? It took just 20 minutes to do all those - I would never have attempted that without a crop-a-dile! Sticking the buttons down took a fair bit of time too (as did cleaning all the diamond glaze off my hands afterwards!)

I have never done such a heavily embellished LO before, but I love it!! Maybe this is the way forward?! Nah, I'll be back to clean and simple before you know it!


Fabrizio said...

OMG Looby you have the patience of a Saint..putting all those eyelest around ! Gorgeous result though. I've answered your comment on my blog ! LOL Fab X

Kathy said...

Wow this was def worth the effort - it looks amazing. I love all the bright colours it's just such a fun, cheerful piece of work. Well done you