Sunday, 2 September 2007

A very special day!

Yes, today is a very special day in our family. Today is Garry's (Ash's dad) re-birthday. What is a re-birthday I hear you ask? Well on 2nd September 1999 he had a heart and lung transplant and every year we have a celebration of his re-birth! He's an incredibly special guy with so much courage and strength - one of life's true heroes and so today is a celebration of his life (and the fact that he's still here!)

And what do celebrations mean? Cards of course! This top one I made from me and Ash (as we're all Disney mad) and the second one was for my Mum and Dad to give Garry (obviously they don't BUY cards anymore!)

So this post is a tribute to Garry - and here's to the next 8 years and more!!


Anonymous said...

Two very beautiful cards they are both fab :)

Hazel said...

How special - wonderful celebration

Charli said...

They are both gorgeous Looby! I have a lot to learn from you!! Lovely story behind them too X

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Best wishes for many more!

Samm said...

ahhhh, what a lovely thought Lou! Great cards!


Alix said...

those are super Looby! i love making kiddie cards you can go bonkers with colour and embellish to your hearts' content...which mine never is!!!

lovely blog too...must enlist your help to get mine sorted!!