Saturday, 12 May 2007

I love my crocs!!

OK, so I've finally finished the LO of my crocs and I'm so pleased with it. Yes, it's a bit weird to scrap your shoes, and yes it may not be to everyone's taste, but the whole point of crafting is to enjoy creating something and enjoying the finished product. What others think of your work is not the most important thing (although I do hope you like it!! LOL)

I also picked up my first lot of design team goodies from Beverley at Crop 'til you Drop so I've got loads of yummy stash to play with (only with the added pressure of creating gorgeous stuff that will inspire people). So I guess what I said above isn't true in this case as the most important thing is that I produce stuff that others DO like!

I've already made 2 cards and 1 ATC, which I'll post up later (if I'm feeling brave!!)

1 comment:

Louise Stevenson said...

I haven't given in to the lure of crocs yet... but really want to do a LO of them so might have to go shopping...LOL!!!

Great LO:)